Abdullah Rajpoot
Abdullah Rajpoot
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Abdullah Rajpoot


Single most important lesson I've learned from the AMAL-Fellowship

Single most important lesson I've…

Mar 09, 2022 In Education

We learn so many things but in my opinion "Believe in Yourself" is the most important thing

10 Rules of Good & Bad Studying

10 Rules of Good & Bad Studying

Mar 09, 2022 In Career

What to adopt & What to avoid while studying/learning! Good vs Bad Studying

In Person Drop Experience

In Person Drop Experience

Jun 04, 2021 In Career

I want to teach students at college & university levels, it's one of my dreams.

Random Acts of Kindness (Kindness is contagious. Pass it on)

Random Acts of Kindness (Kindness…

Sep 25, 2020 In Social Work

Yes, you heard it right! my new project about doing Five Random Acts of Kindness completed in a day.

How to win friends and influence people (Interested Challenge)

How to win friends and influence…

May 02, 2020 In Career

I asked my friends, teachers, colleagues, family members different questions about themselves.

#Juststart Project

#Juststart Project

Apr 29, 2020 In Career

Khudi and Self Learning, and Setting Goals for myself