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Abdullah Arshad
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"Congratulations! I am now a Lead…

Apr 20, 2022 In Google Developers

Being the DSC Lead & founder of first official Student Community at Virtual University of Pakistan

Developer Student Clubs (DSC Lead) by Google Developer for undergraduate students of Pakistan

Developer Student Clubs (DSC Lead)…

Apr 20, 2022 In Google Developers

Developer Student Clubs Lead's applications are open for students in Pakistan.

Single most important lesson I've learned from the AMAL-Fellowship

Single most important lesson I've…

Mar 09, 2022 In Education

We learn so many things but in my opinion "Believe in Yourself" is the most important thing

10 Rules of Good & Bad Studying

10 Rules of Good & Bad Studying

Mar 09, 2022 In Career

What to adopt & What to avoid while studying/learning! Good vs Bad Studying

A Story of my Mentor

A Story of my Mentor

Jun 18, 2021 In Career

We can find a mentor by looking for a person who has professional behavior

Practicing happiness to boost your success

Practicing happiness to boost…

Jun 04, 2021 In Career

I am really inspired by the TED talk by Shawn Achor as we have set some standards of happiness