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#Juststart Project

#Juststart Project

(i) Setting Goals for myself

  1. I think of a goal that I wanted to achieve for a long time but for some reason have not been able to. I want to become a professional confident man with good communication skill, with good knowledge, I tried to do but I have been afraid to do, just due to lack of confidence & poor English, I was thinking what people think if I won’t give effective arguments & it would be insulting for me.
  2. In order to achieve this goal, I need to participate in debates, increase my knowledge by reading and searching on different topics, I’ll try to communicate with my all class fellow to increase my communication skill.

(ii) Khudi and Self Learning through your own Blog

~ Edhi Sb reading:

His entire life is a lesson for everyone he never judges people by their religion, color, and language and always ready to help everyone. From his childhood, he started helping the poor. He collected medicines from one of his village dispensary and distributed to the whole village. Edhi sb’s life is full of struggles he will keep struggling in his life. I learned simplicity from Edhi sb life. Edhi Sb taught us the lesson of continuous effort and Amal. We cannot neglect the role of Edhi Sb’s mother as what she always taught him, the lesson of humanitarianism. His mother was not in support of the surplus of money so as it is the case of Edhi Sb. In our life, we can follow him as a role model. we have nothing that permanent in our life so we need to spend our lives while helping others. The first thing which I should adopt from Edhi Sb, in our life we should take initiative even we have resources or not. We can start small then go towards big.

“No Religion is Higher then Humanity” ~Abdul Sattar Edhi~

~ My #juststart project

  1. The goal that I wanted to achieve in my #juststart project is “Time Management”. because I know that if I want to change my personality then I have to improve my self in different ways in any condition. The main reason to achieve this goal is that it is first stepped to become a good leader, a good man & a batter person in our society. Because we have a lot of work to do, so if we shouldn’t focus on time management, then our all work is useless.
  2. I’ve faced a little bit of bad experience in the past towards achieving this because I keep myself always busy in different activities. So, due to a lot of work and activates, I often late. So my next step is that I’ll create my schedule & engagement, & I’ll be strict on it inshallah.


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