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Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

Time! The most precious thing on earth. The bad is it flies over, but the good is you are the pilot. Every person who owns An aim full life knows the value of time. They know it up to them to run the time or time runs them. The challenge is how to manage the time. This is not a candy which you can eat easily, the guts are to make 24 hours productive.



Eat the frog is good therapy for those who always complain about the shortage of time. It refers to do the most irritating and difficult task first or early in the morning. To-do list. Making a time table!

I remembered I made many in my childhood, we spent hours and hours in making, coloring, and posting on the wall or door of study room; but never succeeded to follow this. But this is a good idea to manage your time. As project activity I made it but I found it very difficult to work on this. I have to do a random task that is assigned to me at any time.

But I want to add here that this can be a good tool to start up an activity for which you could not find time to execute. It saves your time and energy and then you become unstoppable.

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Human nature is always curious. Mostly a man finds interest in doing a thing, which he finds interesting while others doing. Focusing on a single task is challenging.

I had also faced this problem; It was very difficult for me to sit for 5 -6 hours continuously in class. I always find lectures boring and tired. when you are in public it becomes more difficult to concentrate on what you are doing. Completing a task on time is very difficult for someone who is facing this problem. But the concept of Pomodoro is quite well.

This is a technique, which allows you to become task-oriented. This is not difficult but just about :

1- switch off all distraction like mobile and Tv

2- set a timer of 25 minutes

3- divide your work into chunks

4- try to complete single chunk in ever 25 minute

5- serve your self with a reward after success in full completion.

My mother used this activity to teach me in my childhood. She had put some chocolates and entertains me with one when I have done with homework. Still, I am using this technique, but now I am able to do my work with full attention even for 12 hours continuously, with very little chunk breaks.

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I will use this technique regularly for

· Avoiding procrastination

· Made myself to accomplish tasks

· Being more productive

So I will recommend you do the same to overcome the problem. This will be worth your time.

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