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Random Acts of Kindness (Kindness is contagious. Pass it on)

Random Acts of Kindness (Kindness is contagious. Pass it on)

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH taught love, kindness, and compassion to his people. He was seen to be the most loving, kind, and compassionate of all of them. The Quran mentions his kind and gentle behavior in these words: -
O Messenger of Allah! It is a great Mercy of God that you are gentle and kind towards them; for, had you been harsh and hard-hearted, they would all have broken away from you (Quran 3:159).

There are many instances that show his kindness and gentleness, especially to the weak and the poor. Anas, who was his helper, said: -
I served Allah’s Messenger for ten years and he never said to me, ‘Shame’ or ‘Why did you do such-and-such a thing?’ or ‘Why did you not do such-and-such a thing?’ (Bukhari, 2038).

From Nelson Mandela to Abdul Sattar Edhi. One thing, that you find common in their lives is Kindness.

It was the kindness of Nelson Mandela, with the jailer and other staff which kept him alive. He once said, “we achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others”
Abdul Sattar Edhi defined all his actions using kindness as his lowest common denominator. Talking about his acts of kindnesses, we may need to write some separate blog on those acts.

So, here I am, to mention my new project of doing ‘Five Random Acts of Kindness’. You may be thinking, that there are hundreds of such acts, that we have already done in our past life. But, I was required to complete this project in 24 hours. Yes, you heard it right. It is about doing five random acts of kindness in a single day. So, here I begin: -

1_ As, our project is fund-raising for Edhi Foundation is already in progress. So, I created a picture to post on Facebook, wrote some descriptions, and informed all the fellows, that they can take this picture, they can share it or post it on their Facebook walls. This will help them in spreading the message and reaching more people for this fund-raising. So, my first act was doing a favor for my fellows.

2_ The second act I chose, was being encouraging. I had a fellow, who did some brilliant efforts to arrange an event to distribute free stationery to deserving and needy students. But somehow, the event was not held and was delayed to next week. The guy was upset about the last-minute cancellation of the event. But his efforts made my mind to just give him a call, encourage him for what he has already done. As say the best of luck for a successful event.

3_ I bought a treat for my friend on the same day, so I am going to make this act of kindness count here too. We had some healthy discussions on different ongoing assignments and projects. We shared our plans that these might help us both to improve our plans and ideas. So, it was a productive discussion, along with a treat from me, to the friend.

4_ The fourth one is an act, which has its great significance in our society. We see so much depression around us. We see people in a state of hopelessness. There are people around us, who are facing issues and problems in their life. So, passing a smile is an act that brings a smile to their faces also. And that feeling can’t be expressed in words.

5_ I kept this act for the last. I consider it to be the most valuable act. In the evening, I planted a plant near my home. Obviously, we are fighting against global warming and these little acts count a lot.


It is a great experience indeed! Passing kindness, not only brings smiles to another person’s faces. But along with the kindness, and urge is also transferred to the next person, that he needs to pass this kindness on. I learned from this experience that it takes almost nothing to pass the kindness. Not much of your time, neither your energy nor the wealth. But, it transfers a massive vibe of positive energy to the other person.


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