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In Person Drop Experience

In Person Drop Experience

I want to teach students at college & university levels, it's one of my dreams. Actually, I want to become a good speaker. At the school level when I used to watch my teachers & professors, how they are teaching. I like the way of teaching & helping students like their children. Their communication skill & way of teaching always motivate me to join the teaching field. I’m very passionate about this. So to test my abilities I decided to drop my CV and Cover Latter in person at well known local College & Academy at Shahdara, Lahore.

It was overall a great experience and also my first experience of dropping my CV anywhere else. When I reached there I told the manager that I am here for in-person drop of my resume and cover letter. He said you can hand it over to me. I said I want to meet the concerned person. He referred me to a person who was the Principal there. I meet him with a smile on my face and started my elevator pitch. She told me as you are still a student of Software Engineering you can apply after completion of your degree as per HEC requirement. But I told him I’m very passionate about this. And I want to expert in the IT field. I’m here not only for salary, but I also want to join the company where my skill flourished. So he asked me different questions about computer science. Then they said to me I gave you a topic from ICS Computer book then you have to teach the class & I’ll check your teaching skill & confidence & way of teaching and manganese the class.


It was my first experience that’s why I was a little bit confused but I didn’t lose my confidence. I gave short interdiction of C++ language to my class. After class, he complimented with a sentence

“I’m really inspired how you manage the whole class, and you said that that was your first experience Byta you teach very well”.


I have learned from this activity that we have to be fully equipped with determination and ready to meet with failure as well. In interviews, I didn’t face any challenges and smoothly do everything. After 24 hours I send her thank you email. This was my first experience and it was so good it will give me more confidence for equipping & become a more batter person for my dream job.

Going for in person drop shows our passion and that is true we have more chances to get the job or anything we want to achieve.

Going for in-person drop gave me the realization that how is the environment actually where I am applying and either I am fit for it or not and I came to know more about the team that how they work.



Struggling with the Campus Manager. Traffic with hot day. Parents interrupting principal who was already there for their children admission. Principal was also busy in different Phone calls.

What I learned:-

Always ready for any task which recruiter may give you. Be equipped. Your CV, Cover Letter well prepared before the interview. Be prepared for what you going to say in the interview. Always prepare most asked questions in interviews or in-person drop. And most important never look nervous and don’t lose your confidence in any condition.


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