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Fund Raising Solutions for Edhi Foundation

Fund Raising Solutions for Edhi Foundation

Edhi foundation is facing difficulties in fundraising since the death of Edhi Sb. Low fundraising cause many problems for Edhi Foundation. The situation is worse for dead bodies they receive. They have no enough funds to bury them.

As a group, we have some solutions for fundraising:

  • We are raising funds individually.
  • We raise funds from our friends and family members.
  • We have the solution to raise funds through Social Media.
  • We have an idea to raise funds from people who come to the shopping malls by asking for help.
  • We decide to go to different universities and raise funds.


Collect funds from family members and relative is limited. It is good to collect funds from different universities and people from shopping malls who come from different areas. These can help us to collect more funds. We are working on our solutions with the passion to help Edhi Foundation.

Video Link: Fundraising for Edhi Foundation by Abdullah Arshad and his team

I request you all, kindly watch this video till ends. Because I’m going to discuss the very important thing. As you know “Donations to the Edhi Foundation have declined after Edhi Sahib’s death and they are facing a difficult time both emotionally and financially."
It is certain that Abdul Sattar Edhi did a superb job in handling the organization and managing its financial affairs. He founded this organization to help everyone. But after his death, individual zakat contributions and other donations have gone down by 40% both at national and international level’’

“I urge Pakistanis to cooperate with them so that they can continue Edhi sahib’s mission of serving humanity,” So I and my team request you all to give your donation to Edhi Foundation. For donations, you can also contact us.

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