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Practicing happiness to boost your success

Practicing happiness to boost your success

I am really inspired by the TED talk by Shawn Achor as we have set some standards of happiness and we neglect that. Positive thinking is the ultimate way to success and happiness. Happiness comes into your life when you surround yourself with a positive environment. 90% happens because of your reactions and 10% percent because of what happens with you. Ignorance of others' mistakes and forgive them make you kind. Kindness gives you internal peace.

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It is always the choice of our brain to be happy, positive or stressed. There are plenty of ways to get rid of this chaos and be happy. A few are listed here:

  1. We should show and practice gratitude because a positive attitude can be learned through gratitude.
  2. We must always try to see adversity as opportunities.
  3. We should always be positive because people will be more positive if we are positive, Just like emotions are contagious.

I had also watched a TED talk by Shawn Achor who is an American happiness researcher, author, and speaker known for his advocacy of positive psychology. His philosophy of happiness revolves around three sentences:

  • Happiness is an advantage.
  • Happiness is a choice.
  • Happiness spreads.

It means that happiness is our own choice. It doesn’t matter, in which situation we are living, what circumstances are around us, we can still find a way to be positive and happy.

As Henry Ford said:

“ Whether you think, you can, or you think, you can not: you are right ”

I myself sometimes feel like a less useful person, it is a mixed feeling of being depressed, sad or unimportant. It happens to me most of the time when I’m doing the same things for so long time in terms of days or weeks and when I’ve nothing to do and I become lazy. That is the time, when there comes a point when I become unhappy or get a bit stressed.

Here, stay with me because I’m going to share a few ways with you so that you don’t get depressed in any situation like mine. These are a few really helpful techniques or tools that we can use to divert our attention from the negatives sides or less positive sides to the positive or more positive sides of our lives.

Lessons from Shawn Achor:

Gratitude means to show others how much you value their help, their time, and their efforts. Journalism means to jot down anything which comes to mind when you wake up. Exercise is to go out and work out in some fresh air to keep you calm and bring along the energy. Meditation is to experience the breathe going in and coming out of your lungs. And random acts of kindness include helping someone consciously to spread happiness and to bring smiles and a sense of relief on others’ faces.

I used gratitude and exercise to calm myself when I’m depressed or feeling unhappy and both of these things helped me a lot. As gratitude is an amazing way to make anyone happy. I think everyone wants their efforts to be acknowledged and praised if they are not merely for themselves. Moreover, if their efforts are acknowledged and they are thanked to do anything to help others, it’ll encourage them and they’ll also do it in the future.

Exercise is really important for all of us as most of us feel tired when we wake up early in the morning and even when we wake up late. It is just because of our unhealthy routine and lack of exercise. Consequently, our whole day comes under the cloud of laziness and we spend a really unproductive day due to this thing.

Being happy is an art. It is not dependent on your success. Although success can add to your happiness is not all about success. We need to learn how to be happy even before success, if we do so we’ll automatically be directed towards the path of success with positivity and happiness.

So, be positive and be happy always and yes don’t forget to smile :-)

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