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Chand - Child Labour (Mega Project Blog-2)

Chand - Child Labour (Mega Project Blog-2)

(Support & protect the pillar of the Nation) Chand — Child Labour

Project on Child Labour:

We were eight(8) members but one of us(Mis. Saima) leave us due to her personal interest and since last two weeks we are seven members named:

Abdullah(me): BS(Software Engineering)
Zunera: Masters in Computer Science (MCS)
Ali Noraiz: Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Muhammad Hamza: Civil Engineering
Rabiya: BS(Business Accounting and Finance)
Gul-e-Rana: BS(Sociology)
Mohib: BS(Chemsitry)

The Biggest difficulty which I faced is managing the team in a way that every person agrees in one plan because every person has their own thinking style and mentality but while making a plan for our Mega Project (Chand-Child Labour) we did too much discussion, we discuss each and every positive and negative impact of our strategy. And my every team soldiers gave their valuable suggestion and we start our project with the name of Allah Almighty. And you know why I used to call my team member ‘Soldiers’ because we believe that this project is not only ordinary class work for us, for us, it's like ‘War’ and basically this war is against cruelty and injustice.

And these days most of us were busy with the Final Exam and these were the days of Muharram so it was very difficult to carry this project along with the Final Exam. So I called Rabiya and did a half-hour discussion about dividing tasks and we assign specific tasks to each team soldier according to their capability and interest. And my all team soldiers agree with our suggestion. I gave research work about Private NGOs (non-profitable) to Gul-e-Rana and M.Hamza. And both did a superb job. Meanwhile, I was planing strategy and outline trying to contact getting information about Government Authority And Government Department which are dealing with child Labour.

“We are Clear about what we have to do, but the biggest Challenge for us was how to do.”

I prepare notes from different internet sources to understand the Child Protection Welfare Bureau (Click Here) and Labour Education Foundation (Click Here) because before starting any work and before going to meet every team member must be mentally prepared and fully equipped.

After too much struggle I got Deputy Commissioner Lahore's personal Email & phone number. And also got DG Child Protection Bureau's personal Email.

After Contacting a lot of people at last we got the personal contact details of Deputy Commissioner Lahore and DG Child Protection Bureau. And inshallah we’ll do meetings with these Higher authorities very soon. Because we want the implementation of the Child Labour Law.

Meeting with Layer to take all types of legal advice for this project.

An occupier shall not employ or permit a child to work in the establishment And an occupier shall not employ or permit an adolescent to perform any hazardous work in the establishment. This Act was passed by the Punjab Assembly on 24 October 2016 and was published in the Punjab Gazette (Extraordinary), dated 29 October 2016. So If Law is available then why thousands of Children living the life of slavery. Law must be implemented. They have Equal rights. So our team member decided that we don’t only want to take care of some children, We have to do something which is best for every Child labor.

“There is no Reason, there is no excuse, Child labour is Child Abuse. We should Stop Child Labour, And Start Education.”

Last Saturday we decided to spend some time at Quaid-e-Azam Library(bagh-e-Jinnah) Complete our research work about this project and resolve the challenges and difficulties which we are facing for this project. And our all team soldiers spend more than half a day in front of Quaid-e-Azam Library and we made our future plans.

Research about Child labor Laws and Govt. Program about Child labor

Today Our All team Soldier spend their whole day with private NGOs (United Welfare Society, Aklat welfare society,) at the bank of the Rave River slums area. And we visit their schools. We talked with their parents and their relatives. This Practical experience

“Help Child Labour, Say no to Child Labour”

Working on Chand — Child Labour. at Slums Area.

All team soldiers did their best, Future Goal Plan:
Court, Private NGOs, Govt Labour Departments, Child Protection Bureau, Govt Administration, Schools, Child Labour/Protection Institutes etc.. plus massive awareness.

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