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A Story of my Mentor

A Story of my Mentor

We can find a mentor by looking for a person who has professional behavior and give us feedback seriously, and very serious about our career. There are so many people who can give us career advice but the mentor should be a person who has professional & serious behavior and he must be sincere with us.

According to Syed Baber Ali, we can find our mentor who is willing to listen to our problem, His mentors are his parents, teachers, and Swedish partner. The mentor can be from your family, parents teachers, etc, So we should also build our relationship with the teacher by asking the question may be out of the class so he finds that the student actually wants to learn something. And We can maximize our relationship with mentors by giving them time, learn from their experience and advice and we should try to implement in our life. And also through showing gratitude. It's up to us we have to choose people and show them we want guidance from them.

Humility helped me a lot in a different situation, I always try my best to help others, & humility gives me a chance to improve my personality. My parents are the persons who helped me to reach my achievements, they always motivate me, and they always try to do their best to make me a successful and better human being. Courage and Humility both are important in order to have a mentor. We must be humble that he/she give his/her important time to us and help us when we need help. And courage requires accepting all types of feedback sometimes it may be positive and sometimes it is not, So we should always be positive. And we must have both humility and courage. :)

Random click at home with my beloved Mamoo (one of my mentors) & This was the last when I met last with my mentor. because he died in last week :’(

There are many person in your life you can chose as your mentor but if i talk about myself then my mentor are:-
1 _ Babar Saddique (SO at Civil Secretariat)
2 _ Zeeshan Saddique (CO at Civil Secretariat)
3 _ My Parents
4 _ I own (i think, i’m also good mentor for myself, i know too much about myself which anyone can’t understand or judge easily, and i believe i can do best for myself after evaluating all positive & negative aspects.

Parents are always good mentors because they give their maximum efforts to make their children successful and better human. So I want to talk about my mentor Mr.BABAR & MR.ZEESHAN. Both are like my mentor because both very serious and have professional behavior, and they are senior and well experienced than me. And the most important thing they are related to my field and both are my close relative so we know each other better since my childhood. They always helped me in my education and guide me when I need guidance and when I had to take any decision. They gave me many books on different occasion which was related to my study course and some are related to different stories & experiences of other peoples. They help me a lot to chose my passion & career. In my childhood, I was very inspired by him & tried to become a person like them.

Last time when i met with my mentor we spend whole day, He discuses about his whole life experience and guide me a lot. And advise me to become a person of values. Some of questions which i discuses with him which are related to mentorship are:-
• What should i improve?
• What skills I need to work on?
• How I can work better in this field?
• What thing i should drop out?
• What are the possible opportunities of my field?
• How can i improve my behavior?
• What strategy i should apply to fulfill my dream?
• What are their life experience which they want to share with me? Which are helpful for me.

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The key point both are very cooperative and have professional and serious behavior, and he is senior and well experienced than me. And the most important thing they are related to my field and had faced many difficulties to achieve their goals, which I’m currently facing, and I believe if you mentor be your close relative or friend then it’ll be best for you because you know each other better then another person.



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