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Lessons from outdoor session with #amalfamily

Lessons from outdoor session with #amalfamily

After spending 3-Months with my super ambitious and talented fellows the last day came. Throughout this journey, we had a lot of fun and turned our days into the best and most memorable ones. We decided to make our last day the best day of our journey. Although it was a sad ending as no one of us wants this fellowship to end so soon. We planned our last day to make it a special one so whenever we recall this day it will bring sweet memories.
So last week we planned an outdoor session and tour, we visited Nela Wan and Katas Raj Temples near Kalar Kahar. And It was one of the best tours of my life because we all fellows were together, there was also our morning batch, we also learn how to adjust with each other and feel them that we are part of the family, we both batches enjoyed a lot welcome each other happily, and which was the most beautiful part of the session. Both batches had fun traveling and we enjoyed it a lot.

We were so excited when Ma’am announced about the tour. As I said, It was the last session of fellowship is arranged as an outdoor session. I packed my bag and charged my mobile and camera batteries, power banks last night before the tour. I decided on the clothes to wear and got up early at 4.30 a.m, took the bath and left the home at 06.00 AM. I reached there at 06.15 AM and parked my bike at the UVAS bike parking stand. It was almost 6:25 AM the morning. Some of the fellows didn’t reach in time, we woke them up by texting and calling several times and woke some others by directly going to their hostels. Till almost 6.45 we left for the travel. 

Our Program Manager Ghania Saeed didn’t join us due to her personal affairs but Ma’am Mishal join us who is PM or Batch-84 and superstar Program Associate Dawood join us. And both were so cooperative and supportive, it was like an outing with a real family, the care and the love from our PM and PA were truly awesome they were managing and supporting us like our parents and fellows were like siblings, having fun, sharing things and happiness of each other. So as I said earlier almost 6:45 AM we started our journey toward “NelaWan” & basically travailing is a way to explore new places, cultures and make new friends.

Batch 84 decides they sit on the back & batch 85 will sit in front. And in the beginning, there was so silent on the bus but slowly fellows started to speak with little greetings and finally, we got mixed up. We sang different songs and played different games. But the dance & poetry competition was one of the most joyful moments. We also played Antakshari as well. And I kept taking clicks of those who were performing. After some hours we stopped at Motorway & we did breakfast. Then once again we start our journey. And at last, we reached Nela wan, but first, we had to cover long hiking then we reached Neela Wan waterfall.

There was another batch with us. Although they were unknown to us, the journey made them familiar. So it was a source of networking. Hiking was something I’d never done before so this journey gave me a chance to perform this first time in my life. Throughout our way to the lake, I found everyone so supportive. After Neela waan we ate lunch then we went to Katas Raj Temple

Then we started to move by bus. There were very less lights and so much dark so we passed the way using our mobile flashlights. There was more noise on the bus as compared to earlier. We all were also so tired. Then we had dinner at the motorway at about 9.30 p.m and then left for our last stop UVAS.

I picked up my bike from parking and reached home at 11.15 PM.

“Acha Chalta hon duaen mai yaad rakhna”

I really enjoyed the dance, singing, and taking selfies with my batch mates they were super amazing. I am blessed to have such creative people in my life. Gathering and friendships were the sweetest things on that day.

According to me I learned more being a tour guide , because I came to know my friends views about that place. And they also enlightened me with their knowledge about that place. It is wisely say that “you learn less when you are studying but you learn more when you are teaching or guiding others.

The main lesson that I learned from this outdoor session was that if you wants to be happy then you just have to appreciate the bonding of friendship and the beauty of gathering. Another thing if wants to enjoy you can even in a small place. But if don’t want to then you cannot enjoy even in a bigger place.
Lesson I have learned from this outdoor session was importance of these small gatherings and importance of fun in our busy and hectic lives. These small gatherings not just give pleasure but if we are with best people then these small gatherings can give us some lifetime memories that will always bring smiles whenever we recall that day.

I think that there should always be a time for our own self along with our work, stress, problems, we should also look after ourselves. I think this session gave us the moral lesson that we should do our work properly, efficiently but we should also take out some of our time to enjoy our life, to do that thing which makes us fresh, to take a fresh air by the outing. We should take out some time with those people with whom we feel comfortable, fresh, and relaxed. Give some quality to your own self too because it is your life and only you are responsible for it and you are its real owner. So you have a right to live it freely by making it easy and happy.

Throughout the three months at Amal Academy, in every session I learned how to maintain balance in work and in your life.
 So, this outdoor session also teaches us that how to maintain balance between life and work.

I can continue with this balance by taking some short breaks after a lot of work. These breaks can be in the form of:

  • Hang out with friends.
  • Spending some time alone.
  • Enjoy the company of family.
  • Reading a book, playing some games.
  • Meditation.

I can continue by appreciating myself for the small achievements that I’ve made so that there will be easy for me to put more effort into my life as well as in my work. I can continue this balance by not mixing my life issues into work and vice versa. This will create less confusion and help me to focus on both aspects. This was the whole summary of that outdoor session held on Oct 7, 2018.

I will remember these sweet days in my life ever. This was a truly memorable day. Thank you Amal Team and to all fellows for making these 3 months and outdoor sessions too memorable for me. You are all so inspirational.

I will miss everything. because It was the best ever day and time in my life. I enjoy it a lot. that I will miss. A really sad and emotional moment to write this. In the end, I will say:-

“Acha Chalta hun duaon mai yaad rakhna”


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